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5 Tips for Editing Social Media Video

With ever-changing trends and updates, keeping track of the latest best practices and tips for editing social media video isn’t always easy. From Instagram Reels to TikTok, your editing practices should differ – even if it’s just slightly – for each style of video in order to align with each platform’s format. Know your dimensions. […]

The Rise and Importance of Livestreaming for Business

From Zoom to Instagram Live, livestreaming has seen an uptick in popularity as the role of digital communication in society becomes more and more vital. When it comes to video marketing, “Forbes’ 11 Expert Predictions for Video Marketing” reveals that livestreaming in particular will continue to skyrocket in popularity as a business marketing tool. So, What […]

You Can Produce Your Own Video … But Should You?

In a world where smartphone cameras can take high quality photos and videos, it may seem like you have the equipment of a professional production company at your fingertips. But, shooting footage only scratches the surface of video storytelling. From message development to file optimization, there are countless factors to consider when developing video content. […]