You Can Produce Your Own Video … But Should You?

In a world where smartphone cameras can take high quality photos and videos, it may seem like you have the equipment of a professional production company at your fingertips. But, shooting footage only scratches the surface of video storytelling.

From message development to file optimization, there are countless factors to consider when developing video content.

Has a clear and consistent message been established?

From the planning stages to post-production, a video production company can help you identify your audience and craft content based on that audience’s interests and needs. Developing a clear and consistent message tailored to a target audience ensures that they’re consuming content in a way that increases the likelihood of a strong return on your investment.

What are your priorities?

The emergence of smartphones with professional-level cameras makes it easy for, say, a sales representative to become tasked with creating promotional content for their corporate company. However, if that sales manager is spending time shooting video and learning to edit it together, they’re spending less time closing sales and increasing revenue for their company.

When considering a production avenue for video content for a company, it’s important to consider that handing that job to an employee takes time away from their regular responsibilities.

How professional do you want your content to look?

A big part of producing your own video is understanding the quality of the finished product. For example, the camera on your phone may shoot high-definition video, but does its microphone pick up audio to match?

It’s also crucial to consider the quality of your video after it’s exporting. Each time you post a photo or video to Instagram or Facebook, it’s “stepped on,” which means you lose resolution due to file compression.

If you’re looking for a video that’s going to tell a story and reflect a sense of professionalism, a video production company may be the best fit for your creative vision.

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