The Rise and Importance of Livestreaming for Business

From Zoom to Instagram Live, livestreaming has seen an uptick in popularity as the role of digital communication in society becomes more and more vital. When it comes to video marketing, “Forbes’ 11 Expert Predictions for Video Marketing” reveals that livestreaming in particular will continue to skyrocket in popularity as a business marketing tool.

So, What is Livestreaming Anyway?

Livestreaming is essentially an interactive broadcast. It allows anyone with a laptop, tablet or smartphone the power to communicate with an audience in real time, whether that be through a social media platform like Facebook Live or Instagram Live, or through digital communication avenues like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

A livestream gives anyone the power to be seen and heard. This is true for businesses showcasing new products, or even influencers talking about their personal lives.

Livestreaming as a marketing tool can be as simple as talking into your phone’s camera, but it can also be well thought out and professional. The direction you choose depends on the goal of your broadcast. If you’re looking to host a livestream that appears professional, consider bringing in a production team.

Let Us Help Take Your Livestream to the Next Level.

Gefen Productions offers livestream services to help ensure broadcasts take off without a hitch. Whether it’s hosting a live telethon fundraiser or showcasing a new product to followers, we make professional look effortless.

Services Include:

  • Professional cameras, lighting and audio gear
  • Experienced technicians
  • High-quality broadcast that’ll helps set you apart

At Gefen Productions, your story matters — let us help you all it. View our photography and video production portfolios, or drop us a line for more information about how we can help you reach your video production goals.