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There’s a lot to be said about re-using things. You can recycle old rubber tires and plastic water bottles, so why not re-purpose video content? In fact, if you leverage them correctly, they will provide content for your brand or product on a lot of different levels.

Say you’ve recently produced a commercial, product video or recruitment video. There can be life beyond the video’s original purpose!  Here are some insights on how you can re-purpose video content professionally to increase ROI for your company.:

  1. Website Content: It has been shown that consumers vastly choose video over text when given the option of how information is delivered and your website is prime real estate. House your product videos on product pages, introductions to the company on the company profile page, happy customer videos on the testimonials page, and your employee recruitment videos on your careers page.
  1. Social Media: We’re not just talking about posting your video on social video streaming sites like YouTube, although that should be a given. Videos are excellent content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Studies have shown that videos and images yield higher engagement rates on these platforms than text alone. So, if you want your message seen—and heard—video is a shoe-in.


  1. Email Blasts: Email marketing is not dead; in fact, it’s still a very viable way to market your product or service, with over 97% of Americans checking their email every single day. The trick is to make people want to read your emails; but if you include a video to help spice up the message—and their inbox—you’ll see greater conversions and click-through rates. Add a saucy and provocative subject line to entice people to open the email and watch your video views soar.

In fact, a study by Experian found that of companies who included GIFs in their emails, 72 percent revealed that their messages have higher transaction-to-click rates.

  1. Vlogs: Vlogs, otherwise known as a video blog, may be the missing component your blog needs to increase traffic and engagement. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, consumers actively choose videos over text to receive information. If you’ve got a great video on cool product features, don’t tell your audience about it…show them.

Just because you used a video on social media doesn’t mean you can’t use that same video on your website or in a blog. Don’t be afraid to use your video content in multiple arenas, when appropriate.


If your company’s website content is a total snore, there’s still hope for you to create an enchanting experience with your would-be customers before they hop off your site and go on to greener pastures. The path to replacing content is a simple one: Add more videos.

Quick and informative videos not only add unique content to your site, they also provide fast content without having to read paragraphs of information. Who has time for that? You may think there’s no way to incorporate videos into your paper printing company or sock manufacturing business (we’ll use these for examples), but here are five easy ways to do just that.

  1. Instructions and tutorials. If you are trying to learn to use/do something, it’s best to show, not tell. Having a link to a video attached to your product will give customers immediate access to your website, Vimeo or YouTube channel, where they can learn how to use your product. For example, if you sell specialty paper, give them a tutorial on how to antique the edges for a distressed look, or how to correctly load transfer paper into their printer. For the sock enthusiasts, give them tips on how to keep them in pairs (pinning in the wash!), avoid blisters, or discuss appropriate wear (such as running vs. dress wear).
  2. Product demonstrations or features. This is the show-and-tell portion of your website. These videos offer an opportunity to demonstrate something about what you’re selling. The paper printing company might demonstrate how their paper is made, or how the printers work in their offices. The sock manufacturer could show the high-quality process of how their socks are made or the staff behind the magic-making in an interesting learning video. These videos also give you the chance to show how your product or service stacks up against the competition.
  3. Drawings or giveaways. What better way to host a drawing or giveaway than to debut a fun and informative video with all of the rules? Have fun with these! The idea is to get as much participation as possible, because ultimately, contests are just another way to market your business. Use screenshots, b-roll and other clips to spice up the video.
  4. About Us sections and company profiles. Rather than talking about yourself, why not show your viewers who you are? These are especially fun for employee bios, which are much more interesting than stiff and generic information next to a Lifetouch-esque headshot (does anyone actually read those anymore?). Embed a short biography video on each employee’s profile page on your website, and give them an opportunity to introduce themselves. Likewise, have the CEO or President show viewers around the office in a video housed on the About Us page.
  5. Media coverage. Don’t forget to show off your media coverage! This is especially important with any television coverage. If you only have print or digital coverage, that’s okay! Simply put together a video slideshow or take quotes from articles you’re mentioned in and create a fun animated text video. Gather some testimonials and sprinkle them in for a boost of validity.

There are a lot of different ways to incorporate video into your website content. After all, a study by Unruly discovered that those who watch videos are 97% more likely to make a purchase after viewing it and become 139% more aware of your brand! For a professional looking video, hire a video production company to shoot and edit it for you. You’ll save time and money.

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Gefen Productions has been a leader in video production NC since 1983.  We stay up-to-date with new innovations and production technologies. As a result, the service we offer our clients is unparalleled.

Our experienced crew offers complete video production services, putting your vision into motion.

Our capabilities include video production for web, corporate communications, broadcast, news and entertainment. We can take a project from concept to completion, or provide individual services such as shooting, editing and formatting video for the web.



  • Pre-Production – Scripting, storyboarding, set design, casting
  • Production – Complete location and studio video shooting capabilities
  • Webcasting & Live Streaming – Simultaneous broadcasting live or on demand
  • Still Photography – Professional still photography services
  • Studio – 1600 sq. ft. studio located in High Point, NC
  • Post-Production – Editing, animation, motion graphics and voiceover
  • Compression – We can deliver any format for Web or desktop
  • Duplication – Complete DVD and CD duplication service
  • Equipment Rental – Video cameras, monitors, lights, dolly, teleprompter and more
  • Video Crew For-Hire – We can provide a professional video crew to meet your needs

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